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“Ireland’s Prayer / Arise Christ In Me”

My name is James Bell, I was born in Ireland 1957, and lived most of my life in my native land. I have been playing Irish Folk Music since I was 16 years old. I have shared the stage with some of Ireland’s finest: Wolf Tones, Christy Moore, Paddy Reilly, to name a few. I was part of Shillelagh Folk Band. I have lived in County Tyrone all of my early years until 1988.

I not only played Irish Folk Music but became known writing and singing Irish Republican Music. My style of music and the lifestyle it created was to have a huge impact on my life. Living through the Troubles and then labeled a Republican was not an easy way to live in Northern Ireland. I became someone who I didn’t like. I became bitter, full of anger and hate. It caused me to lose my family, my children, myself. I left Ireland in 1988, not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t live like this anymore. I left and never wanted to return.

Although I had left, I brought the pain, hatred, bitterness with me to Canada. Then through a series of events in 2003, I had an encounter with God, an encounter that changed my life and for the first time in my life I have found peace and purpose. I live a different life now, singing a different song, telling a different story everywhere I go around the world. I went back to Canada in 2008, and for the last 10 years I have been involved in Ministry there. Two years ago, 2016, God put my homeland of Ireland on my heart. I started praying for my nation, praying for God to intervene and bring real lasting peace and unity to my Country. I believe that it is only through prayer and God’s intervention that real peace will come to Ireland.

In June 2018, I returned to Ireland from Canada to spend time at Ballyards Castle in Armagh, the home and headquarters of Drop Inn Ministries. While in the prayer room at Ballyards Castle, God whispered four words to me – Endless Love, Amazing Grace – and a melody; then there was silence. I continued to pray for Ireland, the four words and that melody then became a song, not just a song but a prayer… a prayer for Ireland.

‘Ireland’s Prayer/ Arise Christ In Me’

Hear Ireland's Prayer

I have dedicated my life to serving God, to sharing the True Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and sharing my story, my life, my journey, throughout the whole world. I long to see my country, my homeland, my nation, my Ireland living in peace and unity. This can only happen through prayer and God’s intervention. It’s only by God’s intervention that real peace will come to Ireland, so I will sing and talk about my God, my Lord Jesus Christ.

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James will be playing at the TIN HOUSE in Armagh on Friday Night, 21st September – 7PM. He will be sharing his story and life, with music too! Get along and enjoy a special night & be blessed!


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